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How do I know if my marijuana seeds are good or bad, quality and healthy, fresh and ripe?

We all get our marijuana seeds somehow. If we can afford we choose the best option to buy them at quality marijuana seeds source like Netherlands seedbank where they breed new seeds for yield and pest resistance every year. If not we try to pick a few ripe seeds from a bag of weed we got from our dealer or we ask our traveling friends to bring a pack of seeds bought in one of many Amsterdam seedshops while they were visiting Holland for Cannabis Cup Events.To determine seed quality you need to watch every seed for signs of immaturity meaning the color and patterns on the marijuana seed surface is blended, grey or geenhish and the surface is too soft. Too young seeds are also smaller. If the seed is too old you will notice cracks and there will be noticable change in weight meaning old marijuana seed will loose its water and become light. Quality viable marijuana seeds are bigger, have clear distinct surface color pattern, are heavy with water and the surface is hard. Usually the best quality seeds are those bought directly from a producer over the internet, also quality is very high when buying at specialised marijuana seed shops in countries where law allowes retail marijuana seeds commerce.

Of course, germination is the ultimate test, but remember it is not 100% sure, because if it is a grower who doesn't know how to germinate seeds properly and damages them during germination, you will never know if you had quality seeds or not. That is why if you plan growing marijuana plants every year, and interested in checking out new genetic achievements, be sure to examine your seeds carefully.

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Marijuana Seeds